Time, the most invaluable of all the physical and virtual commodities that we humans have. It is impossible for a person to think about his daily life without the consideration of time. Most of us pre-plan our activities keeping the time constraints in mind.

And what is it that helps us keep a track of our time? A Watch. It is this single physical possession that is viewed the most by any individual during any day. It is this, essential timekeeping instrument, that we create... with extreme care and clear focus on quality.

We are... PA Time Industries, the creator and owner of Maxima, the 2nd largest selling wrist watch brand in India!

With a legacy of over 40 years in the watch business, Mr GS Purewal, Chairman, PA Group of Industries, set up PA Time Industries to manufacture electronic watch components and quartz wrist watches. Maxima was born in 1996 and was the result of a vision to deliver a product that was accurate, reliable, guaranteed for quality, backed by impeccable after sales service, a national brand, and above all, honestly priced at Rs 350. The success of Maxima’s single point communication of being India's first guaranteed waterproof watch at this price created history of sorts in establishing its brand equity and boost its brand recall amongst the target audiences.

And now, in 2009, PA Time Industries has introduced its new brand, SSTEELE, a tempting array of exquisitely designed steel watches targeted towards India's inherent strength, its youth! The look of SSTEELE watches is rich, confident, and bold, offering a contemporary attitude and timeless elegance to match the exuberance of the youth today.

With SSTEELE, the company has once again defied the pricing norms and introduced 50 distinct models ranging from classy and elegant to daring and glamorous affordably priced between Rs.1500 – Rs.3000.

If the initial response from our customers and dealers across the country is anything to go by, SSTEELE is expected to turn out to be a trendsetter and yet another key milestone in the success story of PA Time Industries. We are confident that SSTEELE will capture the imagination of young Indians across all major cities and smaller towns in the country.

We have state of the art manufacturing facilities at Dharampur in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, conforming to international quality norms and a capacity of 3.5 million watches per annum. We have in-house R& D and testing facilities.

PA Time Industries is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation and is the preferred supplier to The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and is also supplying watch parts to competitive markets like China.