You have aspirations And a thousand dreams You have what it takes And still it seems You've miles to go To reach deep within To learn to fly And a hunger to win

Nothing makes a personal statement as strongly as steel. You've heard them saying, you’re either born with style or you’re not. Simple as that. When it comes to watches, we think it’s a shade more complicated. Like knowing, for sure, what’s hot. And what’s not. Recognizing trends before they are. Reaching out to, and winning, what others thought of as far!

And like your grandma used to say - What you wear is what you are; a SSTEELE Watch makes sure that you make a solid statement, always delivered in style!

SSTEELE... a brand so fearless... so confident.... so audacious... so you

At PA Times Industries, we sternly stand by what Bob Dylan said - times they are a-changin'!

We understand that India is driven by its youth. And we truly appreciate that their tastes and preferences are what should drive our brand, SSTEELE!

As such, SSTEELE offers a tempting array of exquisitely designed steel watches. The look of a SSTEELE watch is rich, confident, and bold. SSTEELE Watches offer a contemporary attitude with timeless elegance that only steel can deliver. Whether the occasion is dress up or dress down, SSTEELE delivers the punch, always in style.

Wherever you go... Whatever you do... just make sure you have your SSTEELE Watch on you!